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    Fly Fishing, Bowhunting, Alternative Music, Harp, Bush Camping
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    Bow: Rytera Alien Nemesis
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  1. Hello Members, When I was a kid my father taught me how to fish and hunt with a gun. I have been fishing ever since; more so fly fishing for the last ten or so year. But hunting dropped off my radar, until recently when I acquired a compound and got proficient by making a timber framed compressed cardboard target and setup a range in my 20m+ long garage. Now I find myself researching firearms with an interest in purchasing a shotgun and rifle in the future. As none of my friends are really into hunting I see this and other forums as a way of learning some things and maybe finding some people to hunt with down the track. It would also be great to get some insight into good locations to hunt re both public and private land. But i imagine hunters are as coy as fisher folk when it comes to prime areas to hunt game and varmits! Cheers, Nick
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