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  1. Hello guys! I am from Ukraine. I started hunting this year, and now decided to register here to seek how are you hunting here, in Australia. Have a semi-automatic turkish shotgun (We have many turkish shotguns in Europe and Ukraine, and in USA as I know. It's very popular because cheap, and have a normal quality. Not good as BBB, but enough for starter). It's almost the end of a duck hunting season in Ukraine now - temperature at the night often drops below zero. (Oh, do you use metric system and celsius or imperial and fahrenheit? Because I meant below zero celsius). Swamps begin to froze, and it's near to begin snowing. So it was my first duck hunting season. Now I'm preparing for the rabbit hunting (from november to february). Also I'm interesting in 12 guage reloading. Have an Lee Load All 2. Hope to find something new information.
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