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  1. Hi from Busselton. Not too many foxes our way any more. Can't understand why
  2. Hmm. There is some Chinese stuff that looks good with some peoples videos but absolute crap with others. I watch all the info posted and see some have failed for various reasons. OK, everything can fail at times. Service when it happens, a replacement of the same thing ! When you have spent even 5 big ones and things turn to s..t you have lost your money. Re the recoil GSCI is warranted against recoil
  3. SOLD I have my Accolade XP 50 for sale (demo unit) 640x480, 17 micron. Excellent condition. Non LRF model, current list price $7700. Looking for $2500 + GST.
  4. 264 likes, that's coz I am so great. Or maybe it was from 264 ??
  5. PELICAN ! The only other option is PELICAN !
  6. OK on the 100 yds. My thoughts are that you need to see well 3 x times the shooting distance, but if you feel that the distance is all you need, no problem. Re the Wraith, I have not actually used one but I am fairly confident on the reliability being OK. No guarantees though on that of course.
  7. Hi Dale, I do fully understand your situation. It is difficult for me to really suggest a digital device to anyone, just that ATN has such a reputation. Re the Wraith, if and only if, the performance, which is limited as per their specs, will suit your requirements I have no reason to say they are bad. My problem is that I / we have been through this whole situation over a lot of years and used all sorts of devices, none of which would serve or requirements until it got into big money. This means that from my position it hard to recommend anything that is not what I would personally consider. There should be others on this site that may possibly have some first hand experience with the device, that is therefore in a better position to guide you as to suitability. Apart from selling gear I / we use it as contractors as well. I don't wish to sound like an a.........le and look down on people, but digital, any digital is not something we would sell. Military digital gear which is a different ball game. Sorry about being so negative, I wish you well.
  8. Unless something has changed VERY recently, ATN X-SIGHT have the reputation of being a very average compromise in both day and night, but the company, here and the US, is that service when required is non-existent. The opinion worldwide is do not go ATN! I understand they are Chinese.
  9. You are correct, there is a well known brand of thermal gear that the factory themselves will NOT repair after 5 years!! NOT the ones I sell though.
  10. Try telling me something I might believe
  11. Big lense, big cheek riser. Yep Does a 4 digit discount mean a 5 digit price ? Don't ask questions that you won't want to hear the answer to.
  12. Oh be a man and walk in and lay down the law and say you are going to buy one.............................................................................Then take your blanket and go sleep with the dog
  13. I am offering a Xmas special deal on the new GSCI 100 mm thermal scope to forum members. All S6100 thermal scopes ordered between now and Xmas will have reduction from the list price. Due to distributor agreements I cannot list the actual price on line, but discount will be in 4 digits. Never again at this price. These are the new 640 x 480 FPA 17 micron, having 4 X optical. Full specs are on my web site in the GSCI section. www.australianshootingservices.com.au I can give anyone full details on the deal should they care to ring me.
  14. A strange comment re the fireproof safe, "they will cook anyway". A fireproof safe will prevent that happening! If you really value your firearms a Chubb (or equivalent) fireproof with a high value rating is the way to go. Value rating is what the makers rate the value of the contents that in turn offers varying "theft resistance". They offer REAL protection from theft including a re-locker and a fireproof one is just what it says, Fireproof. You wont need to bolt it down either. OK problem, cost. I have one that I purchased used, that holds, I think, without going and counting, 22 long arms, most with scopes including 5 with very large thermal sights, so they can be found. Comment, don't confuse fireproof with fire resistant. Most approved safes are worth two squirts of cats water. They can be opened in minutes with little effort. A good safe will cost you regardless. How much do you value your "stuff", insured or otherwise.
  15. Ya just gotta know where to buy 'em. ?
  16. Surely this has got to be the quickest result around. One of our members ordered a thermal scope on the 15th (from South West WA) to go to a town up the coast in Queensland. It arrived today, it is now mounted, sighted, and I just received a photo of the first pig!
  17. In my opinion they would be OK for short range use. 150 y maybe. They need to be used in open country not in bushy stuff. Having said that I am not a digital fan. I have used digital in a number of forms in the past, and yes it works but it will not compete with thermal.
  18. 'cos I am not allowed to say bad things about the opposition
  19. I believe this would be your best option. If you are interested I will work you a price and PM you
  20. Hmmm, OK I believe that a Photon @ around $1300 would suffice even though I don't generally recommend digital due to the IR requirement. I am not sure about sipping the scotch at the same time though . It is a bit more than you have suggested but anything less would be suspect. Prices are negotiable to a degree but there is not a lot of leeway at this level.
  21. Yes it is difficult to filter out the garbage that some manufacturers and other "experts" claim, without being able to see for yourself. First off I would need to know exactly what you wish to achieve, ie what you want to be able to see and what you want to shoot, how far etc. Basically speaking anything around that price will be limited. A problem that comes up with lower end products is that most, if not all, are happy when they start out but become very frustrated that it will not really do enough. Once you have spent your money it is gone and you have that much less to get something better. I am not suggesting that anything under $20,000 is no good. We have been through the whole deal of NV over a lot of years and it is my belief that digital is a long way off being much good. The problem with digital it does not enhance the available light, visible or IR. It is sensitive to what ever level that particular sensor has. This means that to make it really workable you need a truck load of IR. Nocturnal animals CAN SEE infrared light as well as the bright red light emitted from the IR unit itself. So by now I have probably made it more confusing than ever and not helped you???? Give me some more info. PS I DO NOT recommend ant "clipon" devices of any kind.
  22. 1 They are digital 2 They are an "add on" 3 They are rear mounted 4 Only good to 200 yds with inbuilt IR or 300 with "powerful" IR 5 Need a parallax adjusting scope 6 Not recommended for use with a "high grade" scope Need any more?
  23. Hey Brinny, is "number two" in your hands yet?
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