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    In the Vic high country chasing Sambar
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    Firearms, gear, survival, backpack hunting wiley stags!
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    Lee Enfield No. 1 Mk. 3, No. 4 Mk. 2, both in .303 (shame on butchered SMLE's) Remington 700 in 30. 06.

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  1. A few tinnies may be in order although I'm tipping a small flask might be the go. I've already purchased my Hammock, set on the idea of being able to hang up where ever I want/need. Got any good mats I should check out? Or am I pretty safe just grabbing a decentish looking Thermarest or something along those lines? Good idea with the pillow, just saved me some dosh, cheers mate!
  2. How's it going, I'm about to embark on my backpack hunting career, been stalking Sambar for a few years now and I think it's time to go a bit harder. I'm slowly building my gear, right now I'm looking at pack-able sleeping bags and a pillow, has anyone found any decent solutions? I've got my eye on the Thermarest compressible pillow , it seems fairly decent. Cheap too. I've got a Hennessy Delux Asym hammock due any day now, I've yet to find a mattress solution though, keeping in mind I'll need to save as much bag space as possible for meat. So has anyone got any input, maybe tips, comments, decent gear or things that you have found useful on your ventures? Am keen to hear any backpack success stories too, I'm already pumped and keen to go but hearing some good stories would be sweet. I was also thinking about picking up a collapsible fishing rod for extended stays in the mountains, might save some bag space otherwise taken by food! Oh, another thing, what are everyone's thoughts on hiking poles, a pain to pack along or worth their weight?
  3. That depends on the fence in question , but yes, improved pasture is a hotzone for Sambar, especially places with a water source and a good Zone of Silence or two within around 1km, they love the clover that grows on cleared paddocks and such, its an all you can eat buffet, unless there are cows currently occupying the field, they shit and piss all over the feed and Sambar clear away from spoiled feed. Cant blame them really.
  4. I can certainly see why, I'm pretty much over running into grumpy blokes on the trails winging about hunting in "their spot" I'm almost sorted on the gear side, just need to grab a water purification rig, might ditch my recent purchase of a Magellan eXplorist 610 for something, uh, a little more usable? The touch screen is pretty bad and it doesn't seem to want to load the Topo's when viewing at larger scales... $500 down the drain. Going to grab a Moroka 30 75lt pack when the coins allow it. Might even grab a collapsible rod to catch some dinner, although I do enjoy the freeze dried meals somewhat. I just love the solitude, no place like the mountains.
  5. Hi all, I'm from Melbourne, Vic, hooked on that sweet Sambar chase, been driving in as far as you can get into the good spots up until now, currently purchasing my kit, bit by bit to start backpack hunting, where the monster stags roam! I'm unable to make a reply post as stated, the reply box simply isn't visible, not sure why, probably on my end. Hoping this introductory post will get me into the forums.
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