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  1. Ok. So will mount on floor in main house. Any recommendations on a safe? There seems to be a few out there? Spika, Lokaway, cmi, hunt pro, etc.?? I don’t think I would bother with a fireproof one, there is no point as they will cook inside anyway. Also, (I may post this in a separate thread), is there a price comparison site people use to get the best price on rifles, accessories, safes etc?
  2. I am looking for recommendations on a rifle safe for a/b cat, with ammo divider. I am also considering whether I could mount it within the roof cavity? It gets pretty hot up there in summer. I would probably need to store ammo in main house..?
  3. Having recently ventured out 50 meters from a road into the bush only to face swarms of mosquitos and what seems to be a spider on every second bloody branch, It got me thinking, I am going to need to need a couple of essentials if I am going to make it out there. A couple of cans of insect repellent, snake proof gaitors, long sleeves but very breathable jacket, heavy duty, waterproof hiking boots, a couple of litres of water, binoculars, backpack, gps, first aid kit.. are some things things that come to mind.. However, being quite new to this, it would be great to hear from you, seasoned professionals on what equipment and clothing do you carry/wear when hunting in the Aussie Bush in Summer and/or Winter? If you could advise of the brands and models of items as well (if this is relevant) to help me hone in on the right buy, that would be great.
  4. G’day aus hunt community. I’am from Sydney. Looking to get into hunting and target shooting.
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