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  1. @GSPhunter New Mexico offers OTC (Over The Counter - just show up and purchase) Aoudad licenses, that are good for one year from 1 april until 31 march., so yes you could combine Aoudad/White tail. Note that you might not have to do a bit of driving, as not every unit is OTC for Aoudad. The oryx Non-resident tag is extremely hard, however my mate (hunting partner) is still on active duty, and the state sets aside tags for military in GMU 28, so the odds are much much higher. In new mexico for this coming fall we are applying for elk in GMU 34, which boarders 28 on the North. If you google Cloudcroft, Timberon or Mayfield(i think thats the town) New mexico this will give you an idea of the unit. I saw in the Deer forum the annual hunt in wonnangatta, what are your thoughts on this - given the fire this year. As for other hunts we've done: 2008-2010 Texas private land, was owned by a fellow colleague. 2010 Colorado First rifle Season, just North of Hayden, CO in the Routt National Forest 2012-2015 various locations in europe 2016 Idaho - Frank Church Wilderness of no return - bloody miserable place. it makes the vic high country look like sand dunes. 2017 Wells, Nevada elk hunt 2018 Southern Idaho on the Nevada border Elk & Northern Arizona mule deer in the "az strip" 2019 middle of idaho, Elk / Bison in South Dakota / Oryx and Aoudad in southern New Mexico along the Texas border @Seb Thanks for the info! any info on how to find land owners will to allow tresspass?
  2. Howdy, I hail from the Republic of Texas, took my first deer at 9, sparking my passion for the outdoors. Since then i've hunted in europe, when i lived there for work, earning the coveted German Jagdschein. Lately, i've hunted out in the Western part of US chasing Elk, Mule deer, Oryx, and Auodad. With the rise in popularity of hunting out west, the cost of applying to the various states, has gotten my hunting partner and i looking international. I come here hoping to learn more about the aussie public land, rules, culture, make contacts, and ideally do an 'exchange' hunt - show us the ropes of hunting down under, and the same or next year we'll do a group hunt on US public land. This coming fall - aussie spring - we are applying for Wyoming general elk, Arizona mule deer, New Mexico Elk/Oryx/Auodad/White tail. This sounds like alot of hunting but with each states unique application system, we'll likely pull the Wyoming tags, and one New Mexico tag. This past year we had tags for idaho elk, a bison tag on tribal indian land, and NM Orxy and Auodad tags.
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