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  1. Thanks Croan Choille, for this tread. Everyone's advice on here and your own follow up letting us know how your hunt when has been a helpful read. Cheers
  2. G'Day all, Some info on me Name: Goin by the name Kia, most my social group ain't keen on my hobbies. Living Area: Brisbane, Queensland Background: Used to hunt a lot of small game, do ratting and general helping out on farms. I was deadly to small game within 10 meters with a recurve bow back then. Moved to the big smoke back in 2012 and now mid 20's and missing being out after game and putting food on a plate. Nothing beats campfire cooking. Looking to: Wanting expand my knowledge around the hunting laws for QLD and NSW. Leads for range/practice & shooting buddies, hunting buddies, mentors, land to hunt on are welcome. Would be grateful for any advice given. Been out of the loop for so long and lost a lot of contacts I'm pretty much green again. Will always be happy to cook some rabbit stew and damper over the fire. And have a chat and cold one after a days hunting. Game Hunting: Rabbit, goat, would really like to move up to deer one day. Pig is starting to tempt me Looking at saving up for a new bow maybe a small cal' - any recommendations? Feel free to give me a pm or send me an email (check emails more often) kiayugen@gmail.com . Looking to chat with more people. Happy Hunting to all
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