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  1. G'day, I'm new to this site (obviously) Been hunting since I was a kid (Ducks, Quail, Bunnies, Foxes, Goats and Pigs). Moved overseas for a while and my shooters licence lapsed and havent bothered getting it renewed...until now. Currently looking at going through that process, however with COVID19 it seems like it may be a while away. However, I feel that this is probably a good time to research and prepare. Maybe I'll get all this set up by 2021...who knows? The goal for 2021 is to stalk and drop a Deer...so I guess I've got a lot of work ahead of me. Anyway hoping to gain some knowledge (on Deer hunting) and give some back (on Ducks/Quail and pests etc) where I can. I guess I just really want to find a community as I dont have that many mates that are into hunting. So if you're keen on reaching out and you're in a similar position to me...send me a PM...maybe we can learn together? Cheers Clint
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