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  1. Season's Greetings to the fraternity, All I would like for Christmas is the opportunity to blood my Winchester 94 22 Mag. Please! please somebody help me out! Being a member of the Defence Force is a busy occupation lately, and I it doesn't leave much time to approach land holders for permission to take a feral or two. I have owned my little 22 Mag for 5 years now, and it's just getting embarassing when I have to admit that I haven't taken any animals with it. I appeal to the generous land owners for an opportunity to shoot on their land, if only just one opportunity. Am willing to travel long distance, and to pay for access.
  2. Thanks hawkeye, my email account wasn't flooded with invites, despite my optimistic hopes. This calls for some diplomacy when approaching the cold-face of the local land-owning community. Armed with cases of CUB's finest, surely they would give me further consideration.... Good luck to me.
  3. Moved to Perth from country Victoria, currently residing in the Perth metro area. I consider myself a recreational shooter, with a WIN LA .22MAG as my weapon of choice. I am eager to help our farmers out by eradicating some more pests, any invite to stalk on any properties would be greatly appreciated. Email me for further shooting references.
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