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  1. with these models you are talking about can you put in coordinates off a map and then trek around to your point... ie get points off a map for a property perimiter and find the points to re-fence etc. ??
  2. hey any one here use the shooting range out at fairburn?? if any one does could ya fill me in on the requirments on what i need to do i just want to go and sight in my guns from time to time and teach my girlfriend to shoot without a rabbit in the way, and let off a few rounds when i can get away to do so. any help on this would be great even to meet a few of ya's if you go out there at all cheers tom
  3. hey all im Tom also from the act i shoot just about anything going rabbits foxes deer pig.. any ferrals i can find where does everyone here get their supplys from???
  4. g'day all, im Tom 21 from ACT iam fairly new to hunting mostly target rabbits and foxes, along with dear and pigs when they come past, mostly shoot under spotlight mounted on the ute. im interested on getting more info on all aspects of hunting and hopfully hunting a wider range of ferrals. cheers Tom
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