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  1. I might look into putting a board underneath to spread the weight out. Greghud, thats a good point. Chers guys.
  2. Im thinking about using one, but am concerned about the damage it might cause to the floorboards due to its weight. Has anyone had this trouble in the past? I really cant drill any holes to bolt it down.' Thanks.
  3. I recently bought a 170 Hand Held for $120 and a 240 Hand Held a year ago for around $140 here in SA. But like everything else, prices will vary from place to place. Light Force are always prompt to reply to questions via email.
  4. Hi, Im 25 and fairly new to shooting/hunting.I am keen to learn as much as possible. Hunt foxes and rabbits, under spotlight mostly. Ruby.
  5. Maybe you could send Lightforce an e-mail. I have sent one and had a very quick and helpful response. RUBY
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