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  1. as far as im concerned, gme , u cant beat em. aussie made , tough as nails. i had a 4400 and couldnt fault it. i now have a new one in the family car - tx4600 - even better. im looking for a more convenient size try the 3200 or 3400 as they are much smaller but every bit as good im told. depends if u have a full din space to put it or not. cheers. wilso.
  2. hi all, wilso from newcastle here, great to see the new forum up and running so well so soon, great to be a part of it all..........makes passing the time between hunts a little easier.....lol cheers , Wilso
  3. hi all, just wondering what type and style of kennels you all got for safe keeping of dogs at home when not on the hunt. pics would be cool if you guys wanna show off..........cheers
  4. how r u going on the thing? how far away r u to a working model to show us.....im interested.
  5. hi everyone, just wondering what brand and style of knife everyone prefers in the field and for what game?
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