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  1. Stuart Sheeesh you have made great progress with this site . Something the movement can be proud of. I spent a lot of time on political issues on this site some time back and I think we have made some progress there with the legislators. No doubt we will always have to fight for our privileges and rights. I am a fulltime year round hunting guide and have been at it for over 10 years. It is a demanding business and I pay homage to Pack Horses. That's what you become when you are a hunting guide. It has its advantages if you like early mornings, late nights and plenty of physical work. Downside is that you are rarely at home and it strains the family life. So many countries now facilitate great hunting and present such amazing opportunities. I am proud to be a hunter and follow the basic instincts. We all need to become game managers and value our resources. We are the lucky country and we need to keep it that way. Every hunter is part of the family and we need to stand united. I only have good words to say about all my fellow hunters. With very few exceptions we are sound reliable people dedicated to our sport and recreation. Front line conservationist we witness a lot of enviromental changes first hand. The past years have been very difficult for most of us with drought, fires and floods. Not to mention the effects on our game animals. I try to keep the relevant authorities informed on the impacts of their policies. No matter how small our individual contribution we all need to look after the industry and the sport. They go hand in hand. I have always supported a practical approach, keep the campsites clean, exercise absolute gun safety, help mates in distress, honor the public and take plenty of time to fly the flag. That includes admitting you are a hunter, front the politicians and try where ever possible to be positive and look to a brighter future. When you practice this code it will continue to get better and the rewards will be yours. Hope you are all having some great hunting.
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