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  1. Yep they came with the eye cups. I hold the binos so my face is barely touching them and it still happens. Its obvious im just too hot for binos!
  2. Yeah I find it is worse when I wear a mask so I'll have to find one with the nose clip thingy to help a bit, but it still happens without a mask too. I have tried the anti fog spray, I got it from a motorcycle shop and it helps but only a bit. Ive tried holding the binos as far from my eyes as I can but it only helps for a few more seconds when I do that. My old man has the exact same problem with his nikons, and we both agree that we can quite literally not glass with out binos for any more then 5 seconds, so its a big issue and i'm surprised to hear that no one else really has this problem. I reckon they should bring out binos with that rain gaurd covering stuff that bushnell has on its scopes. This is obviously not a problem right now with the hot weather, but I went for a stroll the other day during the cold snap and it was bout 15 degrees and the binos were useless, so it reminded me to ask you guys. I'll try the potato juice thing tho cheers.
  3. Not sure if leaving the lense caps on would help me, because they are fine as I bring them up to my eyes but within 10 seconds they fog up untill I cant see. What is a good brand or make of anti fog gel or cream?
  4. Hey guys I need some advice on how to stop my binos fogging on those cold mornings or cold days during winter. Even during the cold snap the other day early in the morning I couldnt see a thing after the glass was too my eyes for 5 seconds. I use Steiner predators in 8 x 30 if it matters.
  5. Ebay, cant remember which shop, I'll find out for ya when I get home
  6. Thanks for your help guys, I too ended up ordering the Steiner predators 8x30 last night for around $220 aussie total. Cant wait to try them out!
  7. The 8x30's that you use are $170 from www.opticsplanet.net which seems pretty cheap! How much did you pay?
  8. Hey guys i'm looking at a pair of Bushnell discoverer 7x42 binoculars for around the $200 us mark. These are my first set of binos apart from a crappy yamaha set I got free with a boat, they will be used for deer hunting exclusively, and on all species. Do you think these will be ok? Or should I be looking for something better, I dont want to have to buy another pair in a years time.
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