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    ST Helens Tasmania
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    Hunting both Deer and Roo with permits and shooting small holes in paper targets Also do a fair bit of fishing And will be joining the Grey Nomads and travelling in my caravan as of June 2010
  1. Hi all Hope I have the right spot actually born in Victoria but spent nearly all my life in THE big island down southSo I call myself a Taswegian .Names Terry I love my Fishing Salt Water and Fly Fishing for Trout.Thats one of the reasons I live on the East Coast of Tassy. Like my shooting and have only started again these last twelve months work commitments wouldn't allow me the free time before.I use a TIKKA T3 Stainless in 308 for deer and have just ordered a (DARE i SAY IT) a TIKKA T3 Varmint Stainless in 223 which I hope to pick up in a fortnights time. Now retired from the mining game so have the time to take up my passions as far as shooting and fishing goes as long as the (MANAGERESS of WAR and FINANCES says its okay) So shall be seeking assistance from you gents with my relaoding and hope that I can assist yous with my limited knowledge when the time comes
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