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  1. Welcome mate Theres a few of us on here that are into chasing a few pigs and goats so come on in and join the club
  2. Might be able to tee something up BBQ sounds good too, its been a while since the last
  3. I wear something like that spearfishing
  4. Hehe You needed the excercise anyway At the end of the day our car had a ball!
  5. Welcome I shoot up towards Moore river as well do you have much luck out there?
  6. Yeah I,ve been doing it for around 15 yrs mainly spanish macks but havent been out for ages I've heard Esperance is pretty bad for sharks maybe because of the salmon blues are good eating hey
  7. Gday mate and welome aboard You in a good spot for hunting try up towards Bremer bay and Albany for spearing, theres some nice spots along there for blue groper, queen snapper and harlequin
  8. HAHA just keeping you on your toes mate thats what mates are for isnt it
  9. There is no regs as such the only rule is it has to be on private property DEC being who they are think its better to lock every one out rather than using hunters as a resource.
  10. Welcome mate theres a few of us on here starting to chase the pigs and goats I myself have only managed to take one pig so far which was around the 90kg mark and that was after a year of searching and now I'm addicted Where abouts are you based?
  11. This is absolutely brilliant as soon as I can afford to make one Im gonna
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