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  1. G'day all, Glad to have you all on board. Been a while since i've been online and looks like we have a few more for the ACT now.
  2. G'day Rob, glad to have you on board. You working at HQJOC?
  3. Hey all, Im no a NSW guy. but I do all my hunting in NSW so I guess that counts I've access to a couple of paches near Cooma and another up near Jindy. But always looking for more. If you've got some land and need help working on it I'm more than happy, in return some time to kill off the bunnies or dogs that might be harming you land. I alos do a bit of fishing up near and at Lake Ecuembme Anyways. look forward to meetig some of you soon. J
  4. Got mine from a guy on these forums for 80bucks
  5. HI, I'm Justin, I have a few interested, Mainly my track toy and my 4Runner, I'm just about to Put the cash down for Tikka T3 .308 I have a 303/25 Enfield. I head up jindy way to hunt on a few mates property See you all round. J
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