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  1. I never think about snakes when I'm in the bush, I am more concentrated on looking for game, although I have seen plenty, I have been attacked by a tiger snake and I've stepped on a few black snakes. My old mate who recently died spent most of his life in the bush and never wore shoes. I think you have more chance getting run over on a pedestrian crossing than getting bitten by a snake.
  2. I have a Smith's pull through sharpener, it works well, has a course carbide for an edge and a fine ceramic for fine tuning. It is pocket sizeand cost about $15, it is only a quick fix but I agree with Rono, a stone and steel is the best method.
  3. I got a 5 gun safe on ebay, $250 + 50 postage. It is 2mm thick with 3 point locking and seperate ammo safe. Probably not the best safe you can buy but it meets the NSW requirements.
  4. I bought some Auscam Pants, long sleeve T shirt and Hat, cost $63.00 at the local disposal store, blends in well in my area (rain forrest) maybe not so good in dry areas.
  5. I have just got the hunting bug and I want some camping gear. I plan to buy a swag and a 4 man tent, something that I can stand up in. I have looked at some 2-3 man tents but they are only about 1.3 metres in height.
  6. Hi I'm from Bowraville NSW. I'm new to Hunting and keen to learn about deer stalking. I had a few rifles in my earlier years but they were handed in when the buy back was introduced. I have had my license for about 18 months, bought a stirling .22 and a Weatherby Vanguard .223, these rifles will be used for fox, rabbits and destruction of injured animals for WIRES. I found this forum and now a am keen to get another rifle, I am thinking about a .270 or 30.06, not sure what make to get but I'm not in a hurry. I look forward to learning more about this sport from the members here. Bob
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