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  1. something like this http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/predator-hunting/id413887223?mt=8
  2. type in predator call into the app finding thing, its a american one but its free. the jackrabbit, cotton tail and mouse calls work. ive called in alot of foxes this year bye just plugging it into my utes sterio and playing through the speakers. you could pick up battery operated speakers for the iphone off ebay to run it through for cheap to i would think.
  3. Just wondering if you are going to make it to the Gatta.Your inbox is full and won't recieve anymore mail.

  4. tom how you going mate havnt chatted to ya in a while

  5. tomshaw how is the stock going ??

  6. see how you go with it mate. i have a wildview and i have been having problems with it, and have been told bye someone from another site they do this frequently. they seem to take photos in the day with the infra red on, kinda pisses me off. ill get some pics of a deer coming into say a scrap, then the next batch of photo's which should be him doing his thing are all white. hopefully you wont have the same problem with yours anyway mate. here is a pic of what it does, interesting to see if you get some come up the same. here is a example of what it does
  7. from what ive seen mate i dont think you can go past the moultrie i-40 or i-60. know a couple of people that use them and for the price i think they are fairly good. if you dont mind buying from the states http://cgi.ebay.com/MOULTRIE-GAME-SPY-I60-I-60-INFRARED-6-0-DIGITAL-CAMERA-/270574574585?cmd=ViewItem&pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item3eff805bf9 cheers....tom
  8. Hey tom from central vic here. new to the site. im 24 (25 shortly ), been hunting most of my life, used to do a fair bit of shooting just with the shotgun and .22 but gave it up for awhile and used the bow. Just got back into shooting and im loving it. right now just got the .22 marlin 925, and miroku 800w but hope to get a .30-06 very shortly to knock some deer ive been watching over. anyway anyone lives around me im allways looking for people to go out hunting with. cheers.....Tom
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