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  2. Hi all, Just wondering if anyone has or seen the 2 knife sets that SSAA sell in their classifieds on the last couple of pages in the shooting mag they send out to members? Just want some info on their quality and if they are worth the money. Cheers
  3. Balts, whats BGS and who is Ern Webb? How do I get in touch with them?
  4. I know it is illegal to carry your weapons on gun racks on public roads but does anyone use them on private properties. What type of gun rack do you have? How many guns does it hold? Any good or bad points about the rack? Any info on this topic would be greatly appreciated.
  5. Hi all, I was wondering what brand and size back pack you all use and where you bought it from? Cheers
  6. Hi all, Live on the mid north coast and do most of my hunting on private properties. I have an R-licence but the state forests around this area aren't producing much but that is probably because I'm not putting in enough hard yards. Wiggs
  7. Cheers Balts, nothing worse than bino bruising or hanging yourself on a low branch.
  8. Yeah, I will probably buy the U.S. model (Predators) as the currency conversion works out to be a lot cheaper than the night hunters here, they are pretty much the same. Though I still have to wait for a reply on shipping fees.
  9. I'm always about listening and learning, thats why I ask so many questions, and I know a lot of people on the forum have been telling me that Steiner is the way to go. But before I spend my money I like to look around (the net and shops) and get as many opinions as possible. I really appreciated Gryphs help, as with everyones, on this topic but because I don't know anything about binos it is for this reason that I ask so many questions. If I come across makes and models no one has mentioned before I would like to hear peoples thoughts on them if they know anything about them. It is like anything you buy, research is the key, and if you have given your opinion and the person is still asking questions, then either read what other people have written and still express your opinion on the topic or don't worry about it and don't say anything more. But it is not nice to give your opinion and then tell someone to stop asking the question no matter the reason. Thats all I'm going to say on this point and thanks to everyone for their thoughts. From the looks of it I am going to save more and go for the Steiners. Cheers
  10. No need for that Gryph, money is a big factor and while I'm saving I am still looking around and trying to get advice on a topic I know nothing about. Besides, I thought this was a forum to ask questions?? Cheers
  11. Has anyone heard of galls or barska binos? I can get a pretty good deal on a set of barska atlantic 10 x 42 binos for $239 or gall 10 x 50 water proof binos for $199. Any thoughts?
  12. Hi all, Just wondering what the best magnification would be for a pair of binos? I was thinking of either an 8x or 10x mag. These will be for hunting and general use. Cheers
  13. Hi all, My friend has just bought a pair of Gerber Montana 10 x 42 binos for $210. I am thinking of purchasing the same pair as they are a good price and he says that they are crystal clear, plus they are water and fog proof. My question is what do you have and what is your opinion of these binos? Should I buy the 10 x 42 or the 8 x 42? What is a good magnification to buy for hunting and general purpose use? I don't want to spend anymore than this as I will feel like s@#t if I lose them while hunting. Cheers
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