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  1. just tried straight to battery(7ah sealed type) leads did not get hot must be cigarette plug . I will get anderson plugs and try them .thanks to all that answered
  2. thanks for quick response.the wire used was 4mm same as on it and fuse is 10amp .no idea what the plug is as it does not say but it is a narva brand
  3. hi all after some advice. Lightforce spotty cigarette connector gets way to hot red hot that is(going by the burn blister on my finger).I have changed it 3 times now and it still is to hot also tried in different female connectors and it makes no difference.HELP ME PLEASE WISE FORUM MEMBERS
  4. the battery pack is a bought one and owned it for about 7yrs.the cord was not bundled up at time of use and would you believe it out with the 240 blitz last night and the wire broke off inside the ciggy connector bugger.i guess all the use they get they are just wearing out,might be time to do a full rewire.thanks foxn
  5. hi all out chasing foxes the other night, after spotting a fox and calling him in a cow got a fright and scared the fox off not to worry next time.but then jumped in the 4b and could smell a toxic solder smell coming from my battery pack pulled the cigarette conection out of the battery pack and found it to be f@#kn hot, you could light a smoke going by the scorch mark on my finger.has anyone else had this problem and how did you fix it. all the wires all look good and my 240 lightforce is fine the fuse is a 12amp fuse i put a 10 amp in it to see if it blew but it just got hot as well to bloody hot.any help would be great thanks foxn
  6. my mate wears the rusa boots and thinks they great.we have hunted -9 degree to 40+ and they have worked in all terrian he will buy a new pair no problems,just a note that outdoors and beyond have selected scarpa boots on sale they are in Nowra NSW.
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