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    Hunting, Fishing, R/C cars!

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  1. selling the Tikka

  2. is leaving right now for a goat slaying session.

  3. scored a new job today and tripled my current salary.. WOOOO HOOOO

    1. JasonSelmes


      not bad for triple.. well done

    2. Bigfish


      cheers mate, and i can take my rifle with me on work trips

    3. JasonSelmes


      lucky bugger!!!

  4. Is heading to Quorn again next weekend to drop some billys....

  5. done good on the goats on the weekend, got my biggest billy to date.

    1. Sloth


      Nice work mate. where were you? Ill be in Byrock in 3 days after the billys.

    2. Bigfish


      Quorn mate in South Australia, got some private land i hunt on up there.

  6. www.outdoorsworldwide.net

  7. Just organised to go goat shooting again in May up the flinders!! Cant wait!!!!

  8. Welcome aboard mate, nice to see a few more south aussies on board! great site with a vast amount on knowledge!
  9. Just picked up my gun! you beauty!

  10. Hey does anyone here use trail cams?? Are they just like a little video camera??
  11. Hello everyone, im 28, from Hope Valley, just starting out hunting, looking forward to it! cheers
  12. Hey everyone im 28, just really getting into shooting, have been out a few times with mates shooting deer and foxes and thought it was about time i got my own gun, pretty keen to learn all there is to know about the sport, hope to meet some fellow shooters from SA. Cheers Bigfish
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