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  1. The enticer works good. Listen to VicFox he knows what works.
  2. Go on cabelas.com. They have the best prices on clothing!!! I picked up to breath easy open fields camo and they are the best ive had for $19 each.
  3. Yeah they are a great unit im going to pick another one up next week. Great stuff
  4. Mate Ive got the 170mm Hand held striker HID lightforce. Fickin amazing light output from those things... Let us know how the 240mm goes as I bet it would kick butt on the 170. These HID light are crazy! The red filters will diminish light that's for sure because that's what red filters do.
  5. looks like a good torch. Another Deal Extreme deal? haha
  6. \bahahah thats what you do in the dark mate lol
  7. Thnaks for all the tips guys. Seens layering is the best form of warmth. I might get some Fleece pants and just layer up on shirts and jackets. ITs more for night time and spotlighting when your not moving much and get cold. Bugger standing on the back of the ute in winter.... way to cold lol
  8. Hi guys whats the bes clothing for Cold weather gear? I have thermals but no really good thick winter jacket etc. What types of Jackets + thermals do you guys recomend? I purchased a russian trappers head gear with face mask for really cold weather to cover the face and mouth and ears etc. Are there any type of materials recommended for pants or jackets etc?
  9. mate go to Deal Extreme Web Site they have aweosme deals on torches and betteries etc.... i vouch for them and so do alot of people on this site
  10. Congrats on the wedding to Suze mate.... Hope all is well with you?


  11. www.gofoxpro.com buy from them then you get warranty. Good service to
  12. You guys seen any good deals on Cat "C" or "D" safes?
  13. this is the one i have ----> Recoil Thrower In my opnion its the best touch i have. Little to know light spill and its geat easily out to 150 metres on those foxes. Make sure you get the charger and the re chargables as they are costly to buy the duracell or energiser throw aways are about $10 each. So if you need 2 its going to be $20. Rechargables are the way to go
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