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  1. Mltzer

    What Knife?

    I ended up getting this knife, its a great knife nice and sharp and seems to hold its edge very well. only issue is that the handle has a slight twist in it and that makes it more suitable for a left hander.
  2. blooded the T3 today, first shot took down a fallow :)

    1. Zubtec


      Beautiful mate! Get some photos up!

    2. gafloss
  3. yep, the ultra fire torches from deal extreme are the best bang for your buck!
  4. wow... PTA's in Victoria are super fast at the moment! posted one out monday and i got the PTA today!

    1. Shippy


      I agree 5 days and have got mine

  5. My PTA for my T3 came yesterday!! to bad I'm working away from home for the week... its gonna be a looooong week!!

  6. oh the optic zone have updated their web site, very nice

  7. very happy to find out my wildcat .22 shoots the Federal bulk pack ammo really well!

  8. My VX3 and Redfield scopes have arrived in Australia! hope to have them here this week!

    1. Nackers


      Awesome! Which site did you get them from?

    2. Nackers


      Awesome! Which site did you get them from?

    3. Mltzer
  9. hahaha... so where did you get it from and how much? I have a Tom tom but something like this would be great when i get a 4x4
  10. I wonder what the battery life would be like once its not connected to the car
  11. great 4-6 month wait for my T3..... might have to get one from interstate!

    1. Big Maxy

      Big Maxy

      What Cal you after

    2. Mltzer


      30 06, but i called a local shop that i forgot all about and they have one in stock! going Monday to pay for it.... hope the other gun shop don't mind me cancelling the order

  12. Mltzer

    What Knife?

    pretty much to 'unzip' the animal.... not needed but useful for rabbits but much needed for larger game like deer
  13. great..... seems like the supplier is out of T3 lite blued in 30.06.... gonna be a long wait :(

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Mltzer


      not a fan of the stainless

    3. gafloss


      Baretta Aus are useless. It could be here in 6 weeks or 6 months - you won't know until the LGS calls.

    4. michaeljp


      HPGS has them in stock

  14. Hi guys, Im after a pair of ear muffs that i can use at work (hammer drills, angle grinders etc) and as well as hunting. I like the idea of the electronic ones as they amplify low noise but muffle out loud noises.... Just wondering if these are any good and would suit both my needs? Peltor Tactical 6
  15. Venison chops for dinner :)

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