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    fishing,shooting,dirt bikes,camping,four wheel driving

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  1. add two more wheels and go the quad then you can carry everything to make it comfortable
  2. hi i,m still kicking, road worthy on the bus was a drama another week wasted doing very little. i did manage to catch two more yellow belly one about 2 kgs nice fish i,ll be down in caboolture tomorrow i,ll call in see you at the morgue,gaz.

  3. hey gaz

    are you still alive or just living it up????


  4. hey gaz

    mate i think that gravy train has just about hit the end were down to the mopping up of the bowl now>>>>>>

  5. hi gaz

    mate the grass out there was four foot high so you couldnt see ####....but we did see four pigs but didnt shoot them and only dropped about 15 roos combined...but hes now planting so we will see...i went for a run in his tractor,450hp with a 60 foot wide x 60foot long plow,###### that was a big piece of machine...when are you back down this way????ash

  6. hey bloke how did the hunt go, hope you had a good time, i caught one yellow belly this week about 1 killo, i,ll send a pic to fisher when i can , we did a drive by on friday but you and mick had alraedy gone to surat catch you latter,gaz.

  7. hello darkhorse i think that your bottom quote is very true [the get out of work one]
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