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    Sunny Bunyan
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    V8's (not racing but muscle cars), Hunting, kayaking and fishing (although I dont eat sea food or anything out of the water for that matter). I live by music and love most of it esp heavy stuff. Really dislike poppy dance crap. For some reason I Have a huge collection of hats so its kinda a hobby too.

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  1. What makes a man? Is it the size of the tool he kills with or the size of the tool he reproduces with? mmm deep.

    1. Big Maxy

      Big Maxy

      your a man when you know keeping it in your pants wont get you in trouble? And your rifles your best friend?

    2. Farmgirl


      Both come in handy at different times. And remember, it's quality not quantity. ;)

    3. Sloth


      ha ha I forgot I linked my Facebook to here.

      Youre both right, but keeping my rifle in my pants could be a bit tricky. lol

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