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  1. Im hoping ill have full access again if I post in here. this is a test sorry admins!
  2. Ive got fresh eggs from my chooks this morning. At least something is getting laid at my place!

    1. cameronpatrol



      If ya want somthing dont right do it ya self haha

  3. Its all going ahead with the house. YAY!! Just waiting for pest n structure reports.

  4. Ha ha youtube have let me put ads on some of my vids. Im in the running to make maybe 3 to 4 dollars a year!!

  5. Im moving to the country but peaches arnt on the menu.

    1. JasonSelmes


      Presidents!!1 good song

  6. Indonesia’s animal husbandry techniques and practices will not change, when they allow cattle imports from Uruguay, Brazil and the Islamic States of India, to cover the loss of Australia’s trade.They will be just the same.Will Australia have any effect on improving animal husbandry techniques now?No we won’t. We now have no influence on it.Weve got to stop jumping to conclusions!!

  7. Going fishing! Three freeezing days at Jindabyne. BRRRRRRRR

    1. Nackers


      better pack the woolies then

  8. Chers mate. very helpfull and reassuring. I did know about ch11 but that was it. lol. Glad to hear its not an actual pay for licence. I might be buying my old mans Landrover later this year and will be putting a radio in it. so that leaves me some time to look around for an el cheapo or 2nd handy.
  9. Im only just starting to think about a CB radio and am totally noob like in my (lack of) knowledge. Where would i find some good info? Mainly the very basics. Web site? books? Also what is involved in obtaining a licence? And where from. See I told you I was a NOOB with this stuff.. lol
  10. 6 goats, 3 foxes, 3 carp, two birds and 1 pig. Goat curry anyone?

    1. gafloss


      A good haul. Well done!

    2. gafloss


      A good haul. Well done!

  11. 5 days till the three billy goats gruff meet Howa .270!!

  12. So, can we take nail clippers on board an airplane now?

  13. back to the test pattern.

  14. Jesus died to give us a payed holiday. Praise his name!

  15. What makes a man? Is it the size of the tool he kills with or the size of the tool he reproduces with? mmm deep.

    1. Big Maxy

      Big Maxy

      your a man when you know keeping it in your pants wont get you in trouble? And your rifles your best friend?

    2. Farmgirl


      Both come in handy at different times. And remember, it's quality not quantity. ;)

    3. Sloth


      ha ha I forgot I linked my Facebook to here.

      Youre both right, but keeping my rifle in my pants could be a bit tricky. lol

  16. Nana Nana nana nana Batman!

  17. BAH!! Back to work.

  18. Nice work!! Sorry im only replying to give you a thumbs up on the enti apple bit. Me too. Hate the brand and its crap sheeple minded products!
  19. Whats on my mind? Its kinda like a test pattern or weather watch on sbs when they close for the night.

  20. I just dropped by your profile before seeing this. ha ha. Oh well it will make some sense still.
  21. I bet I know this dude. lol. Im going spotlighting tonight but have a full truck. Next time we have a seat ill give you a yell on here or facebook. Eitherway, text me your number and we'll meet up at the range one day. mine is 0488666213.

    Its Ian if ya didnt guess:)

  22. Gday. Im sloth and have just gotten back into rifles and shooting. I grew up on some small acres and had access to dads guns back then and my little Gamo .177 air rifle which claimed many a bird, toy soldier set up on dirt mounds and a few rabbits. I had a stint with bows but was too lazy to follow it up. Ive recently purchased a little T.O.Z/Winchester .22rf and its a sweet little gun thats already had close to 2000 rounds put through at the range. Ive Got a Howa 1500 .270 ordered and just waiting for it too arrive so I can get the slow process of registration going. Next on my list (once the Howa turns up) Will be a .204 of some sort. Ive looked at a savage that was pretty sweet but still shopping for ideas. Tight sorta budget and all. Ive got access to a couple of properties but they are all 4 hrs (foxes, rabbits) to 7 hours (foxes, rabbits, goats, pigs, dogs) drive from me so I got my R licence to try to close my hunting distances a touch. The only burn is my Low commodore isnt going to get me into much nor do I want bloody carcasses in it and muddy boots. Next year ill be saving my arse off to get me a hunting truck. I dont care what brand, make, external/internal condition, whether small or large, ute or wagon, 4 or 2x4, It just has to have some ground clearance and somewhere to put some meat, skins and trophies. (alot of wishfull thinking there I know) Im keen to hunt anything I can get around with a plan to get into Deer. Ive got some recipes for tanning and want to try my hand at that too. Anyhoo I look forward to meeting people here and reading stories and sharing experiances and Ideas and keep this awesome hobby going.
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