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  1. I bet I know this dude. lol. Im going spotlighting tonight but have a full truck. Next time we have a seat ill give you a yell on here or facebook. Eitherway, text me your number and we'll meet up at the range one day. mine is 0488666213.

    Its Ian if ya didnt guess:)

  2. Welcome Cuz =) Nice work on the .270. My PTA is in for my .22 (should be done in the next week or so) and will be saving my arse off for a .22-250. Will have to organise a trip to the range
  3. PTA submitted w00t

    1. forgie


      What for? whats next on the shopping list?

  4. I am trying to track down a diopter, can anyone help out??

  5. For a few extra dollars I purchased an 8 gun safe from Foxsafes in Ulladulla. Not sure on your location but personally I would not buy a safe from eBay.
  6. I am ex Army and had no real problem with them. In saying that they had to be the correct size for your feet, sometimes Q stores did not have the exact size so people took the close enough is good enough approach which worked with the old GP's. When they didn't fit properly that is when your feet got shredded. I still have a pair and they go fine when I am out walking all day. Prefer my Danners though The waterproof 1 way valve is a crock.. can't stop anything when they fall out.
  7. Have to agree, stone and steel are the only way to go. I find this the best way for me to control to pitch or angle of my blade and also ensures the blade stays sharper for longer.
  8. If you search I thinl there has been posts on this topic before. You can view my type of safe at www.foxsafe.com.au - B8 safe.
  9. Welcome to the forum guys, good to see more Canberra people getting on here
  10. Nice knife Drew. Can I ask where did you purchase it?
  11. Here is a couple in my collection that I like. The 1st one is the only one I have used thus far. In the 2nd pic the 3rd knife down has an 8.5inch blade and is 14 inches in total length. The 3rd pic is a couple I picked up whilst in East Timor off the Nepalese Ghurkas.
  12. Have to agree. After looking into building my own aligned to ACT specs I worked it out to be cheaper to buy one and know it meets criteria.
  13. Welcome easyrider There is plenty of people on here with a wealth of knowledge. Make sure you utilise it =)
  14. Welcome to all the new comers... Happy posting and hunting...
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