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  1. elusive except in northampton and if youve got a chopper apparently.. listen to the country hour report here at 31min35sec http://www.abc.net.au/news/rural/programs/wa-country-hour/2018-02-21/wa-country-hour-21-february-2018/9471426
  2. the shonkymaps seem decent enough. how do they compare to the $200 garmin austopo?
  3. thanks waza, the basemaps were preloaded so i was ok there... just getting shonky on with garmin mapsource. i didnt realise i had to select the 'tiles' to send to the device, i just presumed the entire map of australia would get sent! im going bush in a fortnight, will give it a good test.. i also spotted a geocache on a neighbouring station that i am passing through so might make a small detour to find that while im out there
  4. received my garmin gpsmap62... got shonkymaps.. got garmin trip and waypoint manager... now got to figure out why it wont let me transfer the maps to the gps..
  5. Well if you can get all those maps into 1.3gb then I don't reckon ill ever need more than that. I would like a GPS for a couple of reasons: An additional layer of safety in the remote outback, The novelty (let's be honest, gadgets are cool) And to createour own maps when we get back to town. The area we ho isn't particularly well mapped so this will help add detail to them
  6. anyone have the garmin gpsmap62 or 62s? the only difference i can see between them, apart from $80, is that the 62s accepts external storage cards... i cant see that being too much of a benefit. if i want to put something on the 1.7gb internal ill do it via usb... surely.
  7. anyone got the garmin 62S? seems like they are the same price as the last time i looked at em a while back...
  8. ive shot a fox in a paddock with my tk11.. ive only ever used cr123a's so i cant support your claim that the 18650's are brighter
  9. oooh yeah.. i def want one.. now, where to steal the bits from?
  10. thats pretty impressive.. i reckon thatd be just the trick out shooting.. i wonder how it would go in the crop, like now its darn hard spotting anything because the crops are up, especially the canola, and its like a jungle out there! i think i want one
  11. for me, this is the real benefit - spotting the ferals. once i know something is there, id be happy to switch the spotlight on and nail it. $3k to be honest, itd have to be pretty darn reliable for me to go for it, but i would take comfort in the knowledge that you have a good understanding of the local conditions here David.
  12. great work! now lets do a write up on batteries and battery chargers!
  13. so i ordered a 62s last night from johnny appleseed. pay for the express freight and insurance with the intention it will dispatch friday and be here monday. wrong. i get home tonight and theyve emailed asking for id verification with a scanned drivers licence or utility bill to prevent credit card fraud. fail. ill send a scan monday and it wont be dispatched until at least monday, probably tuesday. let the banks do their job and worry about fraud. im only purchasing a couple of hundred dollar item, not booking a 6 week t23 the taj mahal. epic fail. wont be returning to do business there again.
  14. my support-a-light isnt high enough for my liking, spills too much light onto the bonnet and reflects like anything... the glare off the windscreen makes it near impossible to see anything resorted to bribing people to stand on the back of the ute and spot for me whilst driving anyone made an extension to get the spottie to sit up higher in the air from the support-a-light?
  15. well we havent had a gps thread for a while and im going to use the $400 i collected on gold coast beating brisbane the other week to buy a gps just before end of financial year.. last time i was out bush and i was getting a worried about not finding the rendezvous point i swore id get a gps before i next go out so here i am. ive decided on the garmin gps62s, not a cheapy, but it should hopefully last me a very long time. what i want to know is whether anyone has bought the garmin topo map? its $199 and comes pre loaded on an sd card. im not particularly interested in topographical maps per se, but i need something for out bush. are these worth the dollars over something like shonkymaps?
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