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  1. You'll be fine mate I've brought bayonets in checked luggage from the U.S no questions asked. Don't walk around the city with a knife on display cops here are'nt over zealous unless you're attracting attention, a knife in your pocket is fine, the cops won't stop and search you. Most gun shops sell some sweet blades especially lawranceordnance if old military stuff is your thing.
  2. Damn straight Dave the ones from the bush or grown up tough will never hold you back hunting wise. In Nepal I dare say hunting goat is like going to the local shops, got to love that. Girl might show you a trick or 2
  3. Hi all I'm from SE QLD and love to get out into the bush and make a mess of some pigs with a large rifle or shotty and generally have a good time with friends away from the unwashed masses. a bit of 4wd action,beer,bullshit, and chasing yabbies.....you lot know the drill.
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