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  1. Even at 25% of this brand is over priced. I'm sorry, nothing is THAT good.
  2. Yes, but I dont hear much of ACT hunters. Maybe it just seems that way as most are hunting in NSW anyway. Welcome to the site.
  3. Maybe they are too loose? I know what you mean though. I place my feet sideways going down really steep embankments. I think because of the zip, its easy to forget about the laces. I cant remember the last time mine were unlaced and tied up tight to my foot. I guess the leather stretches over time. I also like the bon zip version. I cant fault them. Oh, and I believe they are Australian made ??
  4. I use my every day work boots. Steel Blue Argyle zip. 20 yrs in the building game and tried most brands. These are by far the most comfy and being on my feet often 10+ hrs a day, they always remain comfy. I wear them walking the forests for hours at a time with no issue. At around $170 I easily get a year out of a pair and only replace due to annual issue of new boots.
  5. Welcome mate. Plenty of knowledge and experience here. Looking forward to your reports
  6. Thanks for the feedback guys. Like most things in life, you get what you pay for so I am guessing most bino’s in around that 5-600$ mark will be similar in quality. Lifetime warranties are great reassurance. Will get something soon.
  7. Can anybody recommend a decent set of binoculars which wont break the budget and do a decent job in and around state forests NSW? Looking to not spend more than $600 and anything cheaper will help so as much as I would love swarovski or leica gear its well and truly beyond my reach at the moment. When required, viewing is 100-200m I would guess. A mate at work recommended something by Redfield but appears it may be discontinued because I havn't seen them available anywhere. Any other ideas or positive feedback? Cheers, Musty
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