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  1. Your inbox is either full or you don't have one.Just wondering how things are going,and when you think you will be heading to the Gatta. Cheers Joe

  2. Hey all, New to the site. What can i say, i like guns. Well Hello there
  3. besides being illegal and voiding insurance... depending what vehicle you are using it on and what brand it is, i have found that some vehicles roofs cave in. found that the lightforce lights weigh next to nothing compared with some of the other brands out there.
  4. ground dependant earths through the bull bar or where ever you have it mounted, and ground independant earths through the aerial itself. i think
  5. i dont know if you would be able to use it, but jaycar now make a hid spotlight for something like $165
  6. hey all, just starting to get into hunting, mainly from a couple of mates, i own a tikka t3 in 9.3 x 62
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