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    Mervilla, Soutpan, Free State. South Africa
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    Hunting and teaching beginners to hunt and about nature.

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  1. Welcome to a guy from really far away. Does all waterfowl migrate from Finland in winter when water is mostly frozen? Or do some remain behind? With good hunting greetings from sunny South Africa. Andrew McLaren
  2. When hunting in bushveld area, even using some curved trajectory rifles like a muzzle loader, I never needed one. Then I moved to the FreeState = grassveld = long shots. A client 'donated' his Bushnell YardagePro. It works great to measure the distance to a shed to 600 or more yards. However a springbuck is just to 'small' at 300 yards to get a reading from. Now, thanks to another American client, I have a Nikkon ProStaff 550. This works well on springbuck up to well beyond the 400 yards or so that I'm prepared to take a shot at. I don't know the term, but the 'target area' for a reliable reading is critical if using one in very open area for long shots. For bow&arrow ranging ist seems anything will work. For shots beyond abot 200 yards on smaller animals you need a higer specification range finder in the 'target area' at distance. It helps me very little to know that I'm exactly 746 yards from a 10yards wide 3yards high solid white-walled shed. I need to know how much beyond 300 meters a springbuck is. In good hunting. Andrew McLaren
  3. Hello egran, I do hope you get all the knowledge about hunting in Australia that you wish for on this forum. I've learnt a lot about hunting in other countries from this and other forums. Pity there is no similar forum for South African hunting. As a hunter since the early 1950's and a Professional Hunter for 27 years, I can tell a lot about how we hunt here. But there is no suitable forum at all. If you wish to learn some about hunting in South Africa just send a Private Message. But do tell all of us here some about your hunting in Russia? Enjoy participation here. Andrew McLaren
  4. Dale, With your backgroound and knowledge of running a game farm and hunting lodge, you could very well have huge success as a "Booking Agent" in Australia? Care to take this up with me via direct e-mail messaging to andrew@mclarensafaris.com ? In good hunting and best of luck with your planned move to Australia. Andrew MCLaren
  5. "Goeie dag" [that is in Afrikaans, which is my home language], or, if you prefer it in English, "Good day", The use of "Howdy" tells me that b.curbin is from USA? Maybe the southern parts? Or is my knowlege of regional use of greeting terms all wrong? Do tell more about yourself. Andrew McLaren
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