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  1. Mine will be another fortnight before it arrives, had to email the seller today to ask where it was. Just in time for the full moon I guess. As the Toyota add used to say "Bugger!"
  2. Well, I've got a Crelant 7g5cs (neutral tint LED) with an additional collimator head coming in the post at the moment for that job. I have agreed a sale for the Optimus laser designator I tried recently as I didn't find it suitable for the terrain locally. Have to wait and see if the Crelant does the job or not.
  3. I've had the ThruNite TN31 out for two nights now (their hot deal was too good to pass up). As a torch to spot foxes it's outstanding, with a lamp man it'd be great to shoot with too. Can't see it being attached to a rifle, but that's not why I bought it. More here: http://lampingthenightaway.blogspot.ie/
  4. I've picked the Neutral White tint, it's on the way now hopefully. Will see how it goes!
  5. Quick question on the Crelant 7G5CS I have on order, the seller has emailed me asking if I was sure I wanted the "Neutral White-T6 3C" LED tint as I picked on their site. The other option is the "Cool White - U2 1A" which they say throws farther. An extremely important part of my hunting is colour definition, I am led to believe (unless I have picked this up wrong) that the Neutral White LED tint will be better on colour definition than the Cool White?
  6. How long is a football field lol? I'm like Chrisso, got to have my 300 yards/meters. So the crelant would have a larger spot than the NM800 at equal ranges due to the emitter size, ok. Once I can positively ID my fox at 300 by it's body then I can shoot him, then I'm happy. What I was wondering was would the spit of one fill more of my field of view than another, and it seems the crelant is ahead of the game in that. The reason I ask is the Optimus LD/ND 50 which I use now has to be adjusted to a tiny pin #### for long range, which would be fine on big open uncluttered fields, but it's a positive liability where I shoot.
  7. I'm becoming more and more interested in the Crelant now, when compared to the NM 800. Not just on price.. Problem being I haven't seen either in the flesh, or more particularly their respective beams - apart from photos and the bit on YouTube. My question is does the Crelant with the aspherical head have more spill, or a larger spot/square than the NM800 at similiar ranges, say 100,200, and 300 yards? My land is cluttered with all sorts, so I can find a fox in my scope, he goes behind something and can literally pop up left, right, lower, or higher up than I've seen him. So I do need either spill or a larger spot/square. Something that will cover my field of view which is roughly 3.7m @ 100y, 8.4m @ 200y, 11.1m @ 300y. I'm looking to avoid very narrow dots of light in my scope which will aid the fox and not the shooter. Also, are coloured LED's available for the Crelant? I'm thinking green in particular?
  8. Nightmaster seems good as a scope mounted light, can't say as a spotter but I'm seriously considering getting one in combination with a dedicated spotter. NM800 red pill at 100 and 200 yards at 10x magnification
  9. That's what I'll be trying next I think, solely as a gun mounted light.
  10. I wouldn't intend mounting it to a gun, just use as a spotter.
  11. Whoops, sorry, so it does. They've an offer on the TN-31, first of the combo deals. CPF seems to rate it.
  12. http://www.thrunite-store.com/hot-deal.html Not for gun mounting, but might be a good spotter?
  13. I'm on foot here too (like to see anyone attempt to lamp from a vehicle on my hunting ground lol), have had knee, hip, and shoulder problems due to heavy rifle, and heavy batteries. That's why I'm going the way I am. I bought an EagleTac something or other a year or two ago, another LED torch, I use it as a backup get home light in my backpack incase my LF fails. Though if I had a scope mount for it, I reckon it would be good out to 120 yards. The Fenix TK-70 was a light I did a lot of looking at alright. What turned me off it is I believe it uses 4 D cell batteries, and I'd have to bring along spares as well, so I went looking for a flashlight that I could feed smaller batteries too. What's handy about that is they 18650's I'll have in the Fandyfire are interchangeable with the EagleTac, possibly with the Optimus but I think that takes the smaller cr123 jobbies.
  14. Hi folks, Sat here wondering what you guys use when out after foxes at night. I've always used Lightforce lamps, got the 140,170, and 240. Batteries have ranged from 14 to 33 amp sealed lead acids in my backpack. I'm not sure they can yet be beaten for the job we do, but after a bit of looking around the various forums online I ordered a Fanfyfire stl-v6 which is supposed to put out 1,000 lumens and light up to over 300 yards which you can see, and presumably pick up eye shine farther than that. It uses two 18650 batteries and an LED. I'll use that as my spotter. For my rifle I've ordered an Optimus LD-50 designator. I've read and asked for some reviews from users and while some are mixed my overall impression for the price was it's worth the punt. Supposedly had the ability to let the shooter shoot out to 300 yards or just under which is plenty range for me. I'll keep that on my scope for quick shots. Ideally if money were no option I'd have gone for the Taclight/Dereelight Nightmaster 800 for the rifle and a Thrunite TN31 for the spotter, but my eyes nearly popped at the combined prices with all their attachments. Do you guys use any different technology from the incandesant lamps that have been on the go for donkeys years?
  15. I recently bought this item number 280989912433 off ebay. It's a scoutguard. I've only had it a few days so I can't say much as to how good it is but what three things that would be good for you are: It's very small, just bigger than the palm of my hand. The IR bulbs, as far as I could see, emit no visible light. The camera makes no noise when it goes off. It takes both video and photo. Like I said I only have it a few days so I have damn all to show to you, but here's some day and night footage of my girlfriends dogs, even caught them in the act! http://s70.photobucket.com/albums/i84/sheep_whisperer/?action=view&current=Dinny1.mp4 http://s70.photobucket.com/albums/i84/sheep_whisperer/?action=view&current=Dinny2.mp4 http://s70.photobucket.com/albums/i84/sheep_whisperer/?action=view&current=Dinny3.mp4 The only photos I have of it are from the inside of my shed watching a rat trap, a mouse has been stealing the bait. The label on the box I received tells me it's a Scoutguard 550-31, Google it for user reviews and such and see if it might suit you, it's not overly expensive in my opinion.
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