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  1. Hey buddy, hows the shooting going? me and the kids have been getting plenty of bunnies and foxes lately. Seen about 50 elk in the pen the other day and they have nearly grown out to reds and elk be ready just after xmas by the look of them. Maybe we will get on to a red for you this year hay??

  2. I shot a Fox last night, havent shot one in ages. I was stoked

  3. Thats great, thanks for the feedback guys. looks like Ill be investing in a pair myself then
  4. Ive been looking at a few differnt electronic earmuffs on the internet and was just wondering if anyone has got a pair of Peltor Tactical earmuffs and if so how good are they? Any info on them would be great thanks
  5. Does the Ultrafire WF-008 Battery charge off 240v and does it come with re chargerble battery and charger or do u have to buy it seperately?
  6. Hi schef, welcome aboard Aushunt mate

  7. Yeah for sure mate, the tenterfield whistle is the one with two holes in a piece of folded tin isnt it?
  8. I thought it was too good to be true, thanks for the heads up dungbeatle
  9. Hi all, has anyone bought one of those fox callers from the guy on ebay that makes them at home in NSW? And if so are they any good?
  10. Check out Gutty's thread on "I need advice on a hunting flashlight" Im sure you will pickup some good spotty tips there. and checkout dealextreme on some flashlights and mounts etc you are sure to get a good deal there.
  11. Sounds good b bear ill have to check it out. Ive just bought one online from deal extreme its a velcro nylon mount i just recieved it in the mail just a few days ago it only cost me $2.50 from hong kong i am really wrapped. Ill post a few pics soon if u like. cant wait to go fox hunting now lol
  12. Thats cool mate, ill be mounting mine on the .22 or the .243
  13. Thanks b bear, great shooting. what calibre rifle did u shoot it with?
  14. Those lights sound great Martin Ill have to keep them in mind. I just bought a nylon mount to hold my p7 on my rifle scope from deal extreme, so u found that deal extreme are good to deal with? and how long did it take to get your flashlights sent to u? cheers Greg
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