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  1. Trapper22


    $450 Depends what you order. $450, just depends on what you order.
  2. Trapper22


    Bought this knife from R&N Blades a few months back, gidgee scales and S35VN steel. Even though it’s called a bushcrafter, I only use it for dressing deer etc., and does the job well with good edge retention. Also, a well thought out, shaped handle that is a good size so it fits larger size hands comfortably, and comes with a sheath that holds the knife firmly.
  3. +1 what Len suggests. One of the Graf boys skinning and breaking down a deer carcass with a Mercater.
  4. Think is was about $350NZ landed which is pretty reasonable.
  5. Trapper22

    My Favourite

    Bought this last year from NZ knife maker John Worthington, called the Hoki Hunter, walnut scales and N690 steel, generous sized handle for largish hands.
  6. G'day from Brisbane North, I'm into sporting clays and general hunting.
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