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  1. Are they really that good? Still work in windy conditions?
  2. I've got a pair of mavens in that price range. You're happy to have a go when we finally get around to heading out! Fantastic clarity and lifetime warranty (even if you drop, or break them or whatever they'll still fix them up for you under warranty)
  3. Love the damascus - did you buy this or make it? What sort of $$ does a damascus billet set you back?
  4. Good stuff! Are you smithing your own blades too?
  5. I currently just wear a pair of work cargo pants... Worth aiming for something quieter?
  6. Took the pack out for a wander yesterday, first impressions where confirmed! Issues: 1) It's really small. For a day pack was ok, but would struggle to bring any sort of load home. 2) The zips are ridiculously noisy. They are going to get replaced with para ties before next outing. 3) The buckles are useless. With the pack loaded, one of the buckles on the main straps would just pop every time I put it on. I ended up tying the straps together to get out for the day. I don't understand why the main straps have buckles at all... I'm just going to leave it tied for the time being. Plus: 1) It still only cost peanuts For the money, I'll take it out again.
  7. Good to hear - I guess I'll go back to plan A, and see about getting the HE jacket from another supplier. In the green rather than cammo it'll work well for me.
  8. Hi folks, Wondering what everyone carries? I'm after something that's light enough to live in the bottom of the pack, but also something that I intend on using as a rain jacket normally, not just out hunting. Suggestions and advice welcome. (I had ordered a Hunters Element Downpour Elite, but due to stock issues have cancelled that order - figured I'd ask before choosing again!)
  9. The pack material is reasonably quiet. The zips jingle a lot when walking, but I intend on cutting them off and replacing with paracord pulls. At this stage of my personal journey, I'm neither up to long hauls or overnighters yet so should hold up.
  10. 30L. I'm not planning overnighter's any time soon, so a day pack is more than enough.
  11. Pack arrived today (30L). The good: - Doesn't seem too bad! It's all fairly light weight materials (and the buckles are rubbish plastic), but for that money, it should last a few years. - The stitching isn't horrible. It'll be interesting to see whether the stitching, the zips or the buckles will fail first. - So cheap. Even if I have to buy another one every year or two, I'm still ahead in $$ over 10 years compared to some others. - The layout looks good - can open the main section right up, so should be good for packing / accessing. The not so good: - Size is pretty small. The waist strap sits across my stomach rather than hips, so that's useless. - The zips are super noisy - easy enough to fix. - Overall quality certainly doesn't feel premium, however for the price, that was always going to be the case! Will take it out next walkabouts in a couple of weeks.
  12. Turns out a lady I teach English with has an industrial strength sewing machine! I'm going to pull the trigger on a 30L, see how it goes
  13. Sorry to hear that mate, that's just the worst...
  14. Whack some rivets through the stitching, she'll be right That's pretty tempting .... at $25... Did you go the 30L or the 80L ?
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