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  1. Welcome to the forum Kellyg, there are plenty of Pig hunters here mate, looking forward to you posts.
  2. Yep Tassie born, been here all my life and I'm not moving either, why would would you with the best Trout fishing in Aus, the best trophy Fallow heard in the southern hepishere and bugger all distance to travel to chase them, I've hunted the big Island several times (Sambar and Chital) with some success, it's a nice place to visit, but I'm sorry I wouldn't like to live there . I hate the hot weather, I reckon the only good thing about summer is the excellent fishing and the Cricket , give me the mountains and the odd snow fall anytime. My two passions are Flyfishing and of course hunting and I love anything to do with our Central Highlands history..........I'll rite some more later when I get more time, I'm just packing up to head for the Shack for a bit of fishing and to sight the rifles in for the deer season
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