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  1. hawkeye

    G'day from - WA

    any sandgropers interested in joining the WA branch of the Australian Deer Association (we have a committe, 30 members so far, 1st issue 'secret' newsletter already distributed etc) drop me an email at darren.monks@det.wa.edu.au. while i like this site i can only rarely access it, so unfortunately can't respond to queries here. if you google 'ada' you'll find all the info (a national body) and membership details etc.
  2. hawkeye

    G'day from - WA

    best you read this thread youngling. http://aushunt.com.au/Forum/index.php?showtopic=9883&hl=
  3. hawkeye

    G'day from - WA

    intersted in that question myself Gibbsy. 4yrs with 16bn - B coy - the cameron highlanders. 5 plt, 5 sec, No 1 rifelman, 5103812.
  4. hawkeye

    G'day from - WA

    where's that WAwheatbeltlad? Espy/Ravy?
  5. hawkeye

    G'day from - WA

    good to seeya spotty.
  6. hawkeye

    G'day from - WA

    g'day ValiantUsher and welcome to the state of milk and honey. good as WA is i still don't like your chances of a property owner contacting you mate - more like vice versa. calici virus has really trimmed down most of the bunny population around Perth so unlikely to find a property owner desperate enough to approach you. however it's a big state and 1 properly approached landowner could yield you all the foxes and bunnies you want to turn your .22 mag on. good luck.
  7. hawkeye

    G'day from - VIC

    just dropping a line to implore all you Vic hunters to really get into your outdoor pursuits this year, because you'll (again) have to put up with a season dominated by interstate afl teams, climaxing with mighty Freo defeating the Weagles in the big one. so enjoy those sambar eh.
  8. hawkeye

    G'day from - WA

    yep, WA born/bred and have visited almost every rock, hill, tree and beach in the joint.