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  1. its best to use the red filter in areas where you know the rabbits are and use the normal light when your searching new areas..my 2 cents..
  2. i got mine from www.warlordindustries.com.au there in sydney
  3. have you guys heard of the x21? up to 1068 lumens!!.. $570
  4. thanks for the input guys you helped me make up my mind. ill go ahead and have a closer look at some units. thanks heaps for the web link on the vertex, they look good! the local shop only has the gme units. ill let you know how i go. thanks again..
  5. hello, my first real hunt(besides rabbits) is coming up and need some advise on weather or not to buy a radio?? im goin to meriwa, ive never been to the place before but its a few tousand acres. im going with two other people and am thinking if we decied to split up we might need some radios. do you guys think there neccessary and if so do they work in hilly and bushy areas. what are your thoughts?? thanks.. ps if ido get some is the 5w overkill?
  6. hello, im from the central coast, i am an obsesed fisherman and started shooting/hunting about 3 years ago. only do a bit of rabbit shooting and range work from time to time. but a friend of a friend has organised a trip to meriwa on the june long weekend.1st real hunting trip besides a few hours walking up to rabbits. really looking forward to it. i own a cz 452 american 22lr and have access to dads tikka 223. 25yrs old.... i am an ssaa member
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