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    Mostly Hunting..... Then more Hunting. In my free time I shoot clay targets. Then more Hunting.....

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  1. Hi All Time to upgrade my 3 year old Blundstone black leather, high lace up boots which have now split the leather just above the rubber sole. Now the things leak and that is bad !! They have been great but it's time for some new ones. I called into the local shop today and really liked the look of the Stoney Creek Rusa Boots. Had a google around and some people love them some don't. The price tag doesn't bother me and I would really like to buy boots from a actual shop so I can get a pair that fits correctly. I'm massive on buying as much gear as I can from the US but getting the size wrong, even by 1/2 a size is turning me off buy boots online. Anyone use the Rusa boots or know of another that is similar they can recommend. I have a mate with Danner Pronghorns and he likes his. The Rusa boots are about two lace links lower which is right on the limit but still fine for height. Things I like in a boot: -Good ankle support, and generally a higher design (army boot height or similar) -Reasonably soft sole for stalking -Reasonable waterproofing, I know they will probably get a bit of water/moisture in them but the less the better (I know most boots claim they are waterproof, Lets face it most are not) -Lighter weight and not to hot. (definately no insulation) FYI I always wear my stoney creek gators anyway over the boots for extra waterproofing against wet grass etc and to keep stuff out of my socks.
  2. Mine makes a very slight buzz when fired up from cold (first use, Once running it's fine), I doubt it would ever scare anything through. I hardly hear it if wearing ear plugs and it's only about 12" from my head. From 5-10 meters I doubt you'd hear it at all, and anyway it's only on a cold start up and not when running. I just know I'm never going back to a regular spotlight, Once you have used a HID there is no turning back....
  3. A few months ago I brought a Garmin Oregan 300 on special. (I don't think the sales on anymore but I picked it up for $329) Loaded it with shonky topo and copied Garmin 5 meter contour lines and it's the bomb. Initially I wasn't that keen on touch screen but since using it I wouldn't go back, It's just so quick to access different functions, mark points etc. I did buy a ebay clear stick on screen cover for a bit of protection on the screen from scratching. Also I mostly lug it around in a backpack or in a canvas pouch on my belt, Never have I had a signal issue. The thing even works sitting in the lounge room.....
  4. Just wondering if anyone owns, has used or knows anyone with a Badlands Ultra Day backpack. I'm keen to hear feedback as I've narrowed a new pack down to this. Mainly for morning and arvo hunts to just lug a bit of gear, maybe wet weather / light cold clothing and a pair of swarovski 15x56 binos and light weight tripod. I don't want a huge bulky pack and think from what I can see this might just be it. No local shops have one at hand between Newcastle and (including) Sydney as I'd really like a first hand look at one. I can buy one online via the US easy enough. Comments appreciated ??
  5. Hi Has anyone had anything to do with a pair of Doctor 10x42 B/CF Binoculars ?? Just wondering what they might be like, I'd imagine very good as there German made. Anyone know what a new pair is worth in Australia New/Second hand ???
  6. Volume isn't everything with a game caller. Sure a big red stag can pump out some serious volume but predators are listening for the smallest of noises. I have found the cass creek volume more than enough and don't even run it right up. A rabbit in real life is very similar to the cass creek on about 5 on the volume setting. Sure more volume will carry further and more than likely will pull game in from further away but that's comparing a caller worth $60 to one worth several hundered $$$ I'd love a better caller but haven't been able to fault mine. Ha ha Jason bet the older guys on here think we are a bunch off fools with our electronic gizmo's. I'm sure most are very happy with there old button or folded tin whistles. I've a mate that is getting great results with downloaded sounds on an Ipod and a remote speaker. The cass creek is less complex, has no wires, louder and is simply just that, Simple.
  7. I use the predator caller and it works great. I've had mine for about 2 years now and it's still going strong.
  8. I have a 240 Lightforce which I have converted with the ebay kit. There is a bit of a shadow from the wire in the light but you can sort of adjust that out. It's the best light I or any of my mates have used, very bright and the super white colour makes finding critters in yellow grass much easier.
  9. I have the same stuff just not in the 3D suit, regular clothing in the light weight basspro stuff. Also I have the 3D hat. Been using it for a while now an it's a great blend for most Aussie bush. Glad to see I'm not the only swinging d#ck wearing it. You'll love it, the critters will not..... Is that suit a mesh base or a thin cloth ?? I did look at it but thought it might be a bit warm for the area's I hunt in.
  10. Has anyone used or seen any of the cheap ebay helmet video camera's http://cgi.ebay.com.au/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=260585741458&fromMakeTrack=true I know quality will not be that great but hey for 50 bucks who cares. Should be good fun to be able to watch even in low quality chasing pigs on the quadbike and shooting etc. Any feedback appreciated.
  11. Just out of interest what do you guys (and ladies) use for a camera when hunting. There are some very good pictures taken. I'm slowly getting more into photography and am interested in getting some really good live animal pictures. I have the usual small canon point and shoot thing with 3x zoom. It's a nice camera which is great for pictures of dead stuff and general pictures. Also we have a Canon 450d with 4 different lenses. I just brought a Canon 70-200mm F/4 L series lens which is great but the thing is a bit bulky in the field. (not that heavy but the size is a bit long) Great when just taking pictures but with a pack, bino's and rifle the gear list just gets bigger........ Well wat do ya use ?????
  12. Same, the harness is the go. I have the rainguard tied off one side of my bino's so I can just swing it on/off when needed. I have mine attached with a little cable tie but fishing line will also work fine. Just make the loop so it has about an inch of slack when the rainguard is on. That way it doesn't get in the way when viewing (as it hangs off to one side) and I cannot lose it. Unless I'm looking through the bino's the covers are all in place on mine to stop the dust etc getting on the lenses.
  13. Hi guys I got back from a 3 night trip with about 15 hours in total spent behind the Lightforce 240 that I did the ebay conversion to HID on. Overall very very happy with it, I was a little concerned about some shading in the beam that I noticed at home from the reflector as the globe sits a bit further out in the light. Also it looked a bit critical for focus as to where you had the light screwed to. Anyway in field performance was awesome, The center of the beam is so so clearly lit and even the side light it throws out was good enough for me to shoot a few running hogs that passed the center of the beam by about 15 meters (at about 150 meters range but the Kahles scope helps a lot to) The bounce back or reflection off critters eyes is very bright. Best of all was the clarity of the white light, It's almost like a daylight image through the light. Funny thing was some critters in the light when looking through the scope at them you can even see them blinking and imagine there thoughts along the lines of "Bloody hell thats bright"..... All in all it's the best light I have used to date.
  14. Hello After advise on what some of you guys/girls where in 3D hunting clothing. Just starting to look a bit now and the searches are endless online..... Don't want a crap one, needs to be probably mesh to stay cool and in the lighter colours.
  15. I have also done mine with the eBay kit. The pattern is fiddly to get right and very, very bright in the center. Let us know how you go ultrabat and I'll also report in when I get out in a few weeks. Will be interested in the ebay v/s lightforce HID kit's compared. Looks good in suburbia though, Should have done a check of the old globe before I did the conversion but oh well, The field results will do the most talking for me.
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