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Pictinny Mounts for Thermal?


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G'day All,

Wondering if anyone knows where I might get a Picatinny mount to suit a Guide TD-210 Monocular?

It's listed as an optional accessory in the very vague instruction manual that belongs to the 210, but doesn't have the part number for it.

Searching the web so far has been unproductive, the place I bought it from I've asked 4 times now if they could get me the part number as they claimed when I first purchased it they don't get them in anymore, something about people ordering them then not taking them, and so far from the 4 phone calls to them about it I've had exactly zero responses, even though I've been told repeatedly they'd "email it to me".  I see now they've removed all references to the TD-210 model from their website, and considering their lack of customer service in the past 6 months since the purchase, and that they're in Sydney and I'm in Western Queensland and can't just go in and sort it out over the counter, I will not deal with them again.

Attempts to contact Guide Sensmart the company that makes them, China based, emails go unanswered and their web contact form always fails at the verification stage, possibly deliberately it would seem.

I've emailed several Australian sites that sell Picatinny gear but none of them seem to be able to respond or help.

It does have a standard tripod mount which is a single threaded hole, but I want to be able to mount it at an angle of 90 degrees, and the best way I can see to do that and make it stable on a vehicle remote mount is using the 4 screw holes already in it designed to suit the Picatinny mount.

Any ideas?


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Mate, what do you want to do with it, the 90 deg is confusing?

Mount it on a remote control unit?

Mount it beside or above a spotlight on a remote control unit?

The majority of handheld monoculars when used on a remote are mounted with the single screw through the pic rail into the tripod mount (1/4 x 20).

Then either out the side or above the light on a home made bracket or a commercially made product.

Smartrest have a range of cheaper accessories for this.


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Instead of it being mounted the normal way with the tripod mount at the bottom, I want to mount it sideways with the tripod mount on the side, rotated 90 degrees from the normal mounting position.  With it held at 90 degrees or sideways it gives a better depth of view to view things on the ground up close as well as at a distance, display resolution being 1280x960, when on it's side that becomes 960 wide by 1280 deep.

It's beside a roof mounted spotlight on an aluminium plate currently, using the tripod mount with it the right way up it's quite stable but the mounting thread is right at the front of the unit, I've tried using that with an angle bracket to mount it sideways but it appears there's too much weight and it won't stay in the right position.  The Picatinny mount I am hoping might add more stability as there's two mounting holes each side of the unit.  I could probably make something I guess, or even put a rubber block under it to support it's weight when it's mounted sideways via the tripod mount, but I thought getting the right mount that suits the mounting holes might be better.

I will email Smartrest and see what they might recommend, so far every single Australian site I've emailed last weekend asking about it have not replied, which is pretty disappointing.





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Yeh OK, I didn't realize there were mount holes on the side.

When you turn it 90 deg does the displayed image turn back and display the image vertically, or can it be corrected on your phone/tablet.

So assuming you get the image vertical then,

The genuine would be your best bet, especially if it has a picatinny on it, do you know who the Aussie importer/distributor is.

But you will probably have to jigger something up yourself, shouldn't be too hard. If you was to make an angle bracket or mount to pick up them 3 holes in the pic then put a rail on it.

Just need a quick release clamp to grab the picatinny.

Something here may suite. https://www.ebay.com.au/str/globalhuntingindustries?_trksid=p4429486.m3561.l2563

Or some quality camera brackets, adapters or adjustable mounts from a place like this may get you out of trouble.


I got one of these for my infiray. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/292920155103

You should be able to fit screws through the slot on the top into the 2 holes on the side of your thermal. The just bolt the base onto your aluminium plate.

It has a push button safety release to save the thermal falling off if the clamp happens to work loose.

Good luck with it.

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When it turns 90 degrees the tablet also has to be turned 90 degrees to suit.

There's 5 mounting holes on the thermal, 2 small ones each side like the pic above for the Picatinny mount and the one on the bottom for tripods or whatever.  Currently I'm just using the bottom tripod mount screwed through the aluminium plate, quick release would be preferable.  I did have it on an old tripod head but that wasn't really stable and was worse when it was up sideways.  I will have a look at the links you provided, thanks.  I would prefer to get the correct Picatinny mount for it but no business in Australia seems to be able to help so far, and most I've contacted couldn't even bother replying which is quite disappointing.

I have no idea who the Australian importer is for Picatinny or the Guide company for that matter, searching for Picatinny stuff all that seems to come up is mounting rails for scopes etc., Nioa seems to appear top of the list in a lot of searches I've tried so I've contacted them earlier today to see if they can help.

Night Vision Australia in Sydney was where I bought the thermal from and they've been zero help, despite promising multiple times to send me the part number for the Picatinny mount they have not.  One of their staff I spoke to tried to convince me the "Picatinny Interface" as it's described in the Chenglish manual was an electronic interface, and didn't seem to want to believe me when I said I didn't think that's what it was for.  When I asked him to explain he couldn't tell me how or what it was used for  :blink:  :D

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