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  1. yeh i just used me dremel an grinder disc to cut the slot deeper an i think it will work.
  2. Heres a Vid, the Winners schit and its in the Post should be ther anyday thanks to the Forward posting. Thanks again Stu, cheers all for the offers. HD
  3. Rightio gents update on this. PArcels have arrive, from AH member and also Ebay, so now have Head to toe pack for the lad. a Blaze orange Wide brimmed hat camo face veil/mask X2 (one for his mate who posted photo) a Camoflauge long sleeve shirt a pair of Camo ridgeline pants I'l be able to send them off most likely Tomorow or Wednesday Thanks
  4. thanks for the link Grant. whats the thickness of the Fleece mate?? in the chest and back region?
  5. Ruger m77 mkii Hawkeye .35 Whelen factory chambered 22 inch barrel , Fitted in aftermarket Synthetic stock , Shows sign of Use but bore has had less than #500 rounds in its life. typical carted more than shot rifle. lc6 trigger ruger rings. make contact via PM if interested, willing to Swap for Ruger #1. All Transfers Through Elks Hunting And Fishing - Albury.
  6. FYI- I have some M buffalo River Camoflauge trousers here he Can certainly have. So just a Camo shirt long sleeve, or Jumper type gentlemen?! stubob il shoot a pm tonight, no rush or stress etc etc.
  7. definatly going to look at the right Sized stuff, i appreciate the offload offers as good gesture for sure , but we'll keep it real ~ Size 28 pant, could do a '30' or possibly Medium ? PANT MEDIUM for Shirt. thinking of a camo long sleeve. Possibly a Jumper too in terms of clothing Thanks Gents!
  8. hey groovers , I put up a Hind harvest photo post on FB and got a bunch of awesome photos of some hinds harvested Recently, I also mentioned there could be a Camo shirt on offer if i liked a photo. well this photo was my Winner, The mate this lad Hunts with tells me hes keen as , had a few close to the crosshairs but yet to ground one, loves tagging along on the hunts- and has no gear! So im reachin out to AH for anyone who has sized 28 Camo pants or a M camo shirt laying around that I could Buy from You to pass on from one hunter to another to get him started. a
  9. hey need a large rifle primer tool thingo that goes in the LEE press...... busted the little dick off mine as it fell on the ground, so doesnt stay in the stem... maybe someone has excess or one off a old kit etc......... sigh, thanks team.
  10. Grant what have you got in the Camo colourways of the Garment on the Right of picture? some sort of long sleeve winter item? ( what is that particular garmet pictured) thanks mate
  11. busted me primer arm on the lee press, may aswell chase down a hand primer if anyone got a rusty one sing out hooroo
  12. Grant I've noticed there is a few Colourways for this Shirt, any chance you can post up a photo of the different available colours? i need something out of the norm to the standard main brand camo flauge patterns, an something a little more subtle than Blue.... cheers- Ps- Those Woodleighs Arrived too thanks.
  13. welcome, good bunch of like minded fellas here. you should fit right in.
  14. Haha how did I get involved here! And with that sorta shit 🤔
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