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  1. a hunting queen moving to astraya ,....... if yer single an a good shot i have just the safari for you haha ah welcome round the fire
  2. lol, so, are you married also? oh wait, i wont go there
  3. ha ha classic. Dont ever go to Myrtleford then! you'l never shoot another Bambi again! the tahr takes one to amazing places though
  4. Great First Post- Something that doesnt happen too Often, a Bit like myself posting in the Newbies threads! However, with that Attitude , I really hope you find what You are looking for an that Aushunt can be the part of the puzzle you may be missing! Hope some Bow hunters can help you out. All the Best.
  5. WhelanLad


    thats a beauty Gaflos
  6. Hey dude I just saw the quote of the year thingo on one of your posts, bloody pisser bro. 

    I tried to send you a pm but no good.

    Ive been off Aushunt for ages, it’s good to see your back to  “Whelenlad”.


  7. WhelanLad

    PA080002 (2).jpg

    just seen this gallery mate, nice Sambar, in the dry stuff! was it recent?
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