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  1. my number is 0458 109 393, i'll probably do a macca's run for burger caffine and paper

  2. Thanks for the input guys Decided to get a saharah nomad xl well within budget Left over coin will go towards a good Thermal matt for backpack hunts Thank cheers SM
  3. WL are you talking about the onland model can't find a overlander wild earth has them for $200
  4. Pvc or canvas floor guys which one is more rugged? I heard that canvas floor soaks through and pvc are easy to rip! What's your opinion
  5. Hi guys after a new swag Any recommendations so many on the market What's good and what's not budget $200-400 Thanks cheers SM
  6. nice unit hefty on the price tag thou. Shawn how would you rate the unit out of ten?
  7. hi all new to hunting, got alot to learn Cheers
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