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  1. Back from a BS 3 month ban

  2. Where abouts in Goulburn are you from, I'm from Crookwell origonaly and most of my family are still in Goulburn.
  3. I have been getting great service from Fyshwick firearms, for both Ammo and Gun smithing.
  4. Damn there seem to be a few of us from the southern territory getting about on line.
  5. You could try and PM pigging pilot aka Mark and see if he can get a certain SGT armour mate to do it for a few beers he could put a razor edge on anything.
  6. The blade is 10” of solid Titanium and holds an edge like nothing else. I just jam it down at the base of the neck and the broad blade does a lot of damage and they bleed out very quick kind of like an old fashioned boar spear. MPK
  7. If you want something that wont break and only needs to be sharpened once a year then get what I use a Mission MPK.
  8. Clayton Firearms & Fishing PH (03)95441093 they seem to have the full range
  9. I saw them advertised in sporting shooter mag not a big add just listed as one of the items for sale at a shop I will have a look tonight. off the top of my head they sell for about $600. I realy want one myself but the new rifle and scope had to come first. I went out with a roo shooter who had one and there the best I have ever seen nothing else even comes close.
  10. I have had sheaths made by saddle makers before try one and find out
  11. My preference is for my Mission MPK that’s ten inch’s of solid unbreakable titanium and the ability to stay sharp next to none (it’s getting it sharp to start with that takes effort)
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