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  1. G'day Rich. Best intro I've read in a while. Hope you hang around & share a few tall tales & true.
  2. Welcome ohpedro. It's always nice to see an introduction with a little bit more depth than usual. I'm sure you'll receive lots of advice & hopefully some of it will be of use. The only air rifles I personally own are dart projectors, but IMO modern air rifles are surprisingly powerful & accurate. I have observed the effectiveness of modern air rifles several times in the last few years & have consistently been left in awe at their accuracy & effectiveness. In some parts of the world folks now also hunt big game with large caliber "slug guns". You may be surprised at how effective the modern air rifles would be on foxes around the chook sheds. But you can never have too much gun so apply for as many categories as you can whilst you are at it. Look forward to seeing more posts on your progress. All the best. Sharkey
  3. G'day mate. I'm originally from Armagh, I was introduced to sika as a boy there in the early 70's & have been a deer tradgic since. Lots more deer around now in Aust than in the 70's when I arrived here. All the best. Sharkey
  4. Like "I dont think people should be worried specifically about bowhunters" "Bowhunters have to get so close there is little chance of misadentifying their target" Garry you would know that raising a negatave point to try to push a positive,only results in the negative point being raised. Whats your objective re firearms in National Parks? Cheers Sharkey
  5. Good thanks Pete. Looking forward to calving/fawning & some of the the boys growing out to see what this good year produces. Getting slow & feeling old.LOL Just bruses no punctures. Cheers Sharkey
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