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  1. ipch

    Feild Knife Position

    Edge always down..Comes out of the sheath ready to use and less likely to drop it accidentaly..
  2. I find i have more room if i store centre fire's with the bolt open. You gain a bit more if you store some with the barrel pointing down..ie. one up one down
  3. I would be interested in a deal like this. Do you have any idea when they might be on special Samb?
  4. I do understand the concept, but it would only be of any use on big game such as Buffalo, or something that size. I think it's use would be over seas some where . Not much good for us, but would make a good talking point.
  5. Hi all.. Ian from north central vic. Just looking for some up to date information on ducks, swamps etc.around here.................
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