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  1. Cant take it with you Dave....not much point having it in the bank either as you get FA for it these days....may as well put it to good use... Going to put it on a 17 Hornet...should do the job nicely i think.... No mate...thank you....
  2. Ill give you a buzz sometime today mate.....
  3. I just bought a new Polaris and another new Sako 85 204....Can i have a couple of years to pay it off
  4. Thinking.....Have the very rifle for it to go on too....
  5. Hi to all, New to site and have a few years hunting up my sleeve. Hunt foxes, and deer mostly, got a few heads on the wall both off the hounds and stalking. Hunt foxes with dogs, jack russells mainly out of dens, rockpiles and bush, and spotlighting. Have a 17 remington fireball i use spotlighting, and a remington 700 308 on the deer. Look forward to what the site has to offer and hearing about what the blokes are up too. Cheers brinny
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