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  1. Howdy..... That's Texan for G'day

  2. deewayne2003

    Honing Steels

    I've tried just about every sharpener I can get my hands on and found that diamond oval steels work best for me between stone sharpening. https://www.amazon.com/Wiitek-Diamond-Sharpening-Sharpener-Professional/dp/B011NRQR####/ref=sr_1_9?crid=2C61AEMQBGWOY&keywords=diamond+stick+knife+sharpener&qid=1555598123&s=gateway&sprefix=diamond+stik+knife+%2Caps%2C183&sr=8-9 At home I use a 12" one with a light spray of cooking oil to lube it, while hunting I'll have a 6" in my pack and just dip it in water.
  3. Gentlemen, Thank you very much for your advice I knew that Australian gun laws were much more strict than America but I didn't know they were so with pocket knives...... Now having said that there are many states in America where assisted opening knives, auto opening(switch blades) and others are illegal as well. Funny thing is that only a couple of years ago did they make it legal for people in Texas to carry knives with blades over 5.5"(14cm) as well as switchblades. (From top to bottom- cigarette pack for scale) 1. is the knife I carry every day clipped to my pocket, and I mean literally everywhere I go and its a Benchmade switchblade- (I don't travel with this) 2. This small Gerber is what I usually travel with as its small and if either police or someone else takes offense to it then its rather cheap to replace - but from what you mention it can be opened with one hand and from what you say it sounds like it too would be illegal; I have traveled in Europe, Bahamas, Canada and central America with it clipped to my pocket - but once again thanks for telling me about this as it is literally the knife I was going to pack in my checked bag and carry with me while in your country. 3. This Spyderco Wayne Goddard is the knife I usually travel with as my non-skinning and gutting knife for hunting and fishing trips, but as you mention it can be opened with one hand holding it.
  4. Gentlemen, It appears that my dream of coming to your country will finally come to be in early May! When I travel I always carry a small folding pocket knife clipped to my pocket for general use; but I want to make sure I don't end up in hand cuffs because of a prohibited weapon.... I nearly got arrested in Canada once because the knife I usually carry automatically opens with a button "Switch blade" (which are legal to own in Texas now) Also - I would like to bring home a good Australian made hunting/bush knife .....Are there any laws I should be aware of for size, blade style, ect? Example: In Texas I can own an automatic opening knife(switch blade), however double edged knives are ILLEGAL. Any other advice on types of knives, brands or other interesting things that are unique to Australia would be greatly appreciated!
  5. American dreaming of down under!

  6. G'Day.....From Texas I hunt and fish in the state of Texas in the U.S. and was curious about what hunting was like in Australia; and looking forward to visiting and hopefully hunting down under some day.
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